ALFA Associates
Optimized Client Cost Model for Consulting Services:
​​By having several different and, when necessary, complementary engineering firms talent's fused, the hybrid capability is better in terms of cost and speed, than many full turnkey "design houses."  These "design houses" have continuous resource overheads every individual client has to pay, whereas, our model only requires the client to pay what is needed for their project.  Finally, many of these "design houses" use junior engineers when possible to try to keep their costs down.  ALFA and the external resources only use senior people. ​​

This results in a more efficient use of the client's time and money.​​
External Engineering Affiliations:
​​​​A​LFA, LLC is also allied with several complementary technical groups in the event ALFA does not have sufficient technical expertise for the client's requirements.  ALFA has long-term relationships with the professionals and organizations in the following areas:

Digital Design:  Bartek Technologies (
- Application Software
- Firmware & Embedded Control
- Microchip CPLD, MCU, MPU, FPGA & DSP chipsets
- GUI Development

Digital Design: Zamax, LLC ( website under development)
- Physicist and software developer
- DSP, real-time, single or multi-processor system developer
- Advanced numerical method applications development

Mechanical Design: Avanti Design & Development ( )
- Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical & Opto-Mechanical Design, and Prototyping
- Stress, Fluid, and Thermal Modeling
- Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
- Industrial Design

Advanced RF and Antenna Design: rfLyncs ( )
- Wireless hardware design (WiFi, BT, Zigbee, LoRa, RFID, cellular and GPS)
- Custom antenna design, specializing in mobile, portable and wearable devices
- System perspective of wireless performance for reliability & QOS
- Navigating FCC Part 15, CTIA, AT&T, SAR and international wireless regulations

Product & Test Dev. Facility: International Coil, Inc. ( )
- Prototype Builds
- Basic Go-No Go fast prototype testing & evaluation
- Prototype design interactions for DFM and DFT product development
- Pilot and First Article production runs
- General magnetics design, fabrication and testing
- Assistance in complying to CSA, UL, TVE and CE compliance standards

​If the client only needs part of any of the above services shown, they should only contact those vendors needed for their project.  This will keep the client cost's down by only using the technology that is necessary for the job.  If other capabilities are needed as the project matures, those talents will be brought in as necessary.