ALFA Clients
Past & Current Clients:
Advanced Engineering Analysis for Improved High Volume Production Yield:
Ford Motor Company (via Pollak division of Stoneridge Corp.)
Mercedes-Benz-Daimler (via Pollak division of Stoneridge Corp.)
Meggitt Sensing Systems (was Vibrometer Corp.)
Philips LifeLine Systems
John-Deere Corp. (via Pollak division of Stoneridge Corp.)
Advanced Hardware Design for New Product Lines:
Doble Engineering Company
Innovations in Optics, Inc.
Polestar Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Hardware Design for Innovative New Prototypes:
Busek Company, Inc. (several NASA Programs)
Harvard's Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (NASA/ESA Program)
Thermo-Electron Elemental Analysis Group
Advanced Hardware Design for Improving Existing Products:
Abbott Diagnostics Division
Zamax, LLC
Rockwell Sensing Division
Smith & Nephew Corp.
Boston Scientific Corp.
Advanced Hardware Design for Updating an Existing Product:
Newport Corp. Advanced EO Group
Intact Medical (now a Medtronic subsidiary)
Boston Engineering Corp.
Parker-Hannifin Corp. (Aerospace Systems & Technology)
Covaris Corporation
Omnisonics Medical Systems (now Cybersonics Sound Technologies, Inc.)
Implant Sciences
Fractal Antenna Corp.
Micro-Ant Corp.
​Idolon Technologies