ALFA Facilities
ALFA Design & Testing Facilities:
When the engineering analysis and design aspect is complete, PCB (if any) has been produced and fabricated, then ALFA uses a partner manufacturing and testing facility to verify the functiuon and performance of all client designs.

ALFA engineering design has access to both basic and advanced test instruments.  Some examples of the test equipment:

- 1Gs/s Storage Oscilloscope (both Tektronix and LeCroy)
- H-P, B&K & Rigol Standard Function Generators (to 5MHz)
- Gen-Rad & Fluke LCR Bridges and meters
- Many Fluke 3.5 and 4.5 Digit Portable DVMs
- DynaLoad Electronic Loads (up to 10KW)
- Linear and Switching Power Supplies from various manufacturers
- DC-DC standard bricks (from a few watts to 20KW)
- AC-DC standard bricks (from a few watts to 10KW)
- Standard laboratory ultralow noise and precision power supplies

Here are two photographs of some of these test instruments:

Full component surface mount reflow & rework capability ​​

​Technical and skilled workers for PCB and design prototype, production and design rework​​.