ALFA Services
Specific Design Areas:
​​Analog Hardware Designs (all areas below include space-based RAD-HARD designs)
- Linear and nonlinear OP-AMP signal conditioning
- Power conversion & PFC topologies
- MOSFET, IGBT, BJT and E/O characterization and design analysis
- A/D and D/A conversion topologies
- Passive network synthesis (active and passive filter design)
- RF/Microwave passive and active network analysis and design

Signal and Power Integrity (SI & PI) Analysis
- Developed current density, thermal mappings for high power PCBs used in DC motor, power           grid active & passive monitoring loads (up to 60KW) and various test instruments.
- Develop finite elemental analysis (FEA) for commercial optimization of SNR, dynamic range               circuitry used in RF, microwave and electro-optics applications.

Modification & Upgrading of Existing Client Designs
- This modality saves the client time and money if all that is needed is a design hardware upgrade   to improve performance and/or component availability for production

Class II and Class III Medical Device Design
- Cardiac, breast & neurological RF, ultrasonic & thermal ablation designs and the occasional               follow-on root cause analysis (RCA) required during V&V testing.

Switchmode (ZVS-ZCS and Non-Resonant) & Linear Power Design and PFC Topologies
- Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, Cuk, Flyback, SEPIC and ZETA
- Voltage isolation designs to 25kV at 30,000 feet
- High power H-Bridge for DC motor and electric plasma drives
- Power levels from a few Watts to 60kW
- Switching frequencies from 2KHz to 10MHz

Advanced Trade-Off Engineering and Mathematical Analysis for Physical Systems
- WCA, Monte Carlo, ANOVA and EVA
- RCA (Root Cause Analysis) of failures on any existing or new product

Low Power Passive & Active RF and Microwave Designs (up to 50 GHz - NOT Antenna designs)

High Current & Speed LED, LASER & generic High Power Pulsed Drivers
- Several hundred amperes
- Rise and fall times < 5 nsec

Ultrafast Time Domain Designs (< 15 psec)
- Time domain reflectometry (TDR)
- Optical media Time-of-Flight measurements

High Volume (> 15M pieces per year) Automotive & Commercial Designs

Basic and Advanced Simulation Technologies
- Electromagnetic (E-field & H-field) FEA generation for visualization & application optimization
- Both computer algebra system (CAS) and numerical simulators

ALFA has all the pertinent software tools for schematic capture, PCB layout, circuit/network optimization, SI and PI analysis crucial for today's very high speed, dense and power hungry circuitry.

ALFA has access to lab equipment and a manufacturing facility for prototype development and first article pilot runs. This same facility can produce upwards of 50K to 100K pieces per annum depending upon system complexity and regulatory requirements.